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Project Description
DotTag is a flexible tagging framework for ASP.Net .
DotTag provides:
*Documents tagged by GUID.
*Supports identifying document type.
*Tag clouds for documents, users, related tags
*"Related documents" control for each document.
*Management UI for documents, users, and admins.
*User, admin, and global statistics
*Captcha for unauthenticated users (incomplete)
*Per-tag RSS feeds.
*Automatically create tags from Google search keywords.
*Tag-bot extracts tags from document metadata

You can see the code in production here: and here

An overview of the project is online here:

The source for DotTag is from a production CMS, so this project will seek to build a standalone project and then enhance it.

DotTag is loosely inspired by the FreeTag PHP project

Update May 2008: I am still working in this project, but not currently updating CodePlex. Please contact me for the latest code.

Release 1: Make all the source available in a solution that can be compiled and run. Done*
Release 2: Create a 100% working sample project. 70%*
*Release 3+: Redesign for best-practices and add enhancements.

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